What do Expert Networks do?

What do Expert Networks do?

Expert networks are high-level information services, a mediator that helps connect industry professionals with those with complex questions. They connect experts in their fields who can help answer specific questions for clients, such as finance and consulting firms, looking to learn more about a certain topic or industry.

Advisors who are already a member of the expert network will be considered as paid advisors for any client projects that are presented to the expert network. Alternatively, good expert networks will go out and find new advisors that fit a current client request.

Because of this custom search process – sometimes our advisors end up receiving an invitation from DeepBench the same exact time they receive an invitation from a different expert network. There are a few reasons this might happen both of which are great for you as an advisor!

  1. You might be in a “hot industry” right now where there have been some recent headlines covering your industry – this means that many different clients may be interested in your insights. In this situation, there are likely many different clients that are looking for your advice.
  2. You may be in a niche industry where few advisors are available. This means that if there is even one client interested in the space you may receive multiple requests from different expert networks.

Expert networks help connect and coordinate engagements between the two parties. Often, these engagements are a phone call conversation with the client. As the intermediary, expert networks handle all coordination of a phone call with the client: facilitating client requests, identifying the appropriate experts, and ensuring compliance standards are informed to both the advisor and client.