Advanced Best Practices - Questions to Ask During the Call

An interviewers primary goal is to learn from expert advisors. However, they may take different approaches to achieving this goal, whether by asking you to for feedback on their current perspective, asking you about your perspective on a debate within your industry (“How soon will self-driving cars become a reality?”), or asking to share stories from your own experience in the industry. Either way, they will be in the best position if they can learn both the why and the how behind the “what”.

Interviewers may ask similar questions in different ways to learn more about a topic.

  • Think about what evidence supports that point of view?
  • What perspectives or opinions are influencing your stance on this?

A good interviewer will encourage some level of creativity in their questions:

  • What are some alternative ways that could be the case?
  • How do you think this process or industry will change in the future? in 1 year? In 10 years?

They may also try to understand if your perspective is either a common opinion, or an unusual opinion on the topic:

  • How widely held is your perspective?
  • Why does your opinion differ from that of consensus?

Look out for surprises and unique insights:

  • What is something about [topic x] that you believe that most people don’t agree with (Peter Thiel). What is something that most outsiders do not understand about industry x? What is most misunderstood about your business?

Finally, it may be helpful for them to frame things from an alternative point of view:

  • IF project X that company Y was embarking upon 5 years from now became an abject failure – what do you think is the chain of events that would have led that to happen? [Thinking Fast Thinking slow

Regardless of how the interviewer approaches the conversation, remember that you should feel comfortable sharing your opinion, sharing how that opinion may be different from what was expected, sharing ideas, or pointing them towards other parts of your industry that they may not have considered. At the end of the day, its a collaborative conversation, and they are placing value on your opinion – so be confident and share your perspective!