Basic Best Practices for Clients

Basic Best Practices

  • Pre-Call
    1. Remember to bring a notepad and jot down notes, or type notes on computer.
    2. Prepare list of questions before the call,
      1. But leave room for flexibility
      2. Think of questions along the way that could be helpful
  • Always better to have more questions that go uncovered, helps you think
  • At beginning of call
    1. Give expert a bit of context, any information you can provide will help expert address your information needs more effectively
    2. Understand that confidentiality is often important
    3. Remind expert up front that you may need to interrupt them to steer conversation in right direction in interest of time. Don’t take it personally.
  • During Call
    1. Always be jotting down notes
      1. Think of questions along the way that could be helpful and ask those followups
      2. Script is helpful but doesn’t make sense to stick to it completely
    2. Steer conversation in right direction
      1. May have to politely interrupt the expert as it is in both your interests to make best use of time
  • End of Call
    1. Thank them for their time
    2. Ask: “is there anything that I should have asked that I didn’t ask today”
      1. “Is there anything that I missed?”
    3. If doing multiple calls, often helpful to allow for breaks in between calls, to soak information in and digest.