Basic Best Practices for Advisors

Basic Best Practice for Advisors

  • Be on time for calls. Treat it as you would a professional interview, without the pressure of preparation. Make sure there is no noise in background. No interruptions. Get in a place with good reception.
  • Speak at reasonable pace, speak clearly,
    1. Pause every 30-45 seconds max, make sure still right direction.
    2. Don’t be offended if client steers conversations in a different direction, want to be as useful as possible during call
  • Minimize Jargon
    1. Unless the client has indicated that they are familiar with various industry Acronyms, assume that they are an intelligent outsider with little knowledge of your business
    2. Want to explain it as if you were to your very intelligent family member who knows nothing about your business
    3. Curse of knowledge, think about what they know
  • Go beyond basic answers – take it to next level.
    1. Think about what the client is asking,
      1. Don’t be afraid to clarify: “Do you mean A? or Do ou mean B?”
      2. I’m going to explain “ABC”… let me know if that is not what you meant, and feel free to interrupt me.
  • How to be compliant
    1. Don’t reveal any confidential, sensitive information. Our clients know not to solicit this information and we want to protect both sides.