Expert: What should I expect
from participating in an
“expert interview?”

Congratulations, you’ve been recognized as an expert in your field, and asked for your time to share your knowledge with a client.

What are some things to expect from an “expert interview”?

You will likely be asked specific and high-level questions on your expertise and / or general questions on the industry.

Remember that you should not share anything that is confidential or sensitive to your employer – you will be trusted to use your judgement on how to answer appropriately. For example, if there is a question about estimating market size or trends in the industry that may be sensitive, you can consider sharing ballpark numbers: “I think it is around 70-80%”.

The experience itself is often a surprisingly fun and rewarding time to discuss and share from your field. The client selected you to connect with, and understands that you know more about your field than they do, so their questions sometimes may seem either too simple or too specific. You can help educate them in such cases on what information is most important, or on what to consider that they may not be accounting for currently.

Also, you will be compensated for your time. At DeepBench, we love our advisors! We understand that your time and specialized  knowledge is valuable, and we hope you choose to continue working with us in the future.