How are the large expert networks
different from each other?

The main differences between expert networks come down to three traits:

  1. Size & Flexibility
  2. Technology, or capabilities to find the best experts
  3. Level of Service, or “willingness to go the extra mile”

So, how does one differentiate and choose between expert networks?

Core questions come down to – what are some expert networks good at, and why? Are they good because they have access to a Rolodex of candidates, or are they good because they can tangibly find experts that other firms cannot?

How about their different practices – does the expert network show you the best advisors first, or do they have alternate incentives to share others at different times and at premium rates?

Finally, consider bottom line – how do the firms price their services? Do they demand an upfront high bid contract? Is there an expiration policy?

These are some of the key differentiators between expert networks, and the questions you can consider when identifying such differences.