Who uses expert networks and why?

Organizations use expert networks to acquire high-level knowledge about specific topics, generally while conducting market research. Use cases range from:

  • Consulting companies trying to learn more about a new business, market, or product.
  • Private equity groups researching a potential investment, or market that may impact their investment (supplier, distributor, etc.)
  • Investment firm looking to conduct due diligence on a business opportunity
  • Consulting firm doing market sizing and bench-marking
  • IT consulting firm looking for help from specialized engineers to consider new solutions to building a tech product
  • Marketing teams looking to find specialized advisors for ongoing consulting work
  • Internal corporate strategy team considering different obstacles and opportunities in a specific market

Essentially, anyone can use DeepBench services.

Using an expert network to connect with advisors allows companies to focus on what they do best, and turn to expert networks find the right advisors to help answer some of their toughest questions requiring specialized knowledge.