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Aaron Schwartz
Expert in eCommerce apparel retail

Scaling branded apparel businesses


Aaron Schwartz is the co-founder, current chairman, and former CEO of Modify Watches, $1m+ consumer brand started from scratch.

At Modify he has extensive experience with strategy, fundraising, business development, brand marketing, acquisition marketing, operations, negotiations, hiring and firing, customer experience, product management, watch assembly.

He has negotiated details with organizations such as NBA, Major League Baseball, LiveNation, 2K Games, the NHL, Major League Soccer, Domo, Tetris, and more. He has built partnerships with CafePress, Zazzle and more as a drop ship partner. He has conducted direct sales to Google, Facebook, Riot Games, Beachbody, Deloitte and 100+ more brands.

He has kept Modify’s NPS around 70.  He has earned media from or wrote articles for via the Today Show, Good Morning America, Ellen, the New York Times, Inc, People, Vanity Fair, Maxim, Vogue, Entrepreneur, MSNBC and dozens more major brands. He has generated over 75,000 fans across Facebook (44,000), Instagram (23,000) and Twitter (9,000).

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