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Everyone's an expert
at something.

That includes you.

Here at DeepBench, we want to help you share your expertise with the world.

DeepBench​ helps match people with questions to those who have answers. ​​Our platform ​is ​designed to unleash the value of your knowledge, while giving you the freedom and opportunity to do something uniquely rewarding.​

Your insights will help other individuals make better decisions, empower them to choose the best path, and protect them from painful missteps.

Become an Advisor

We help individuals like these get the answers they need

An investor needing to kickstart an expensive acquisition

A patient with a rare condition, seeking treatment advice

A CTO deciding which critical software to adopt

DeepBench’s platform connects you with individuals seeking your insights. Once matched, you set your rate, and our clients pay you for your time for a one-off phone call or written Q&A.​

​Every interaction is unique and every DeepBench client is pre-screened. There’s never any commitment. You learn the discussion topics beforehand and choose whether to participate. DeepBench will only contact you for relevant projects.

Our Advisors have great things to say.

“It felt good sharing my knowledge with DeepBench’s client. I’m glad that the client found my advice helpful. I would definitely participate again if asked.”

— Tech Advisor

“Working with DeepBench has been great. I’ve done a couple of calls so far and it’s been a fun and rewarding experience.”

— Insurance industry Advisor

“The call went well. It was actually really interesting. Also, I hope you will keep me in mind if any other opportunities arise. I really enjoyed this!”

— Healthcare Advisor