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How do investors learn from expert advisors with DeepBench?

Fundamental investing is an approach meant to focus on the real value of an investment opportunity - not just the perceived value. Many DeepBench clients use this approach to evaluate the difference between the true value of an opportunity and the hype surrounding an opportunity. A simple rule of thumb to understanding a fundamental investing approach: invest based on what is real, not what is popular. An [...]

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What should investors consider while evaluating an acquisition?

In considering an acquisition, there are a lot of important questions to consider, and we will only review a few here. However, these fundamental questions will help shape how to conduct research with advisors, the potential target company, and your internal team. How does this business fit with our existing portfolio? What synergies will be created? What will we be able to add to the company [...]

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How should product distributors learn from expert interviews?

As a distributor, you may be facing tough questions while deciding whether to enter a new market. We pulled together a list of quick questions that may help you discover the information you need to make an informed decision within your company: Is there existing demand for the product in the new market? Is your team willing to adapt the product to a local market? What [...]

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Do industry suppliers need expert insights?

As a supplier, you may face incredibly important strategic questions when launching new products or launching in a new geography. We pulled together a quick list below of sample questions that DeepBench clients have used to evaluate such a business opportunity: What are the high-level trends in demand for the product category? Who else offers similar products, and what are they known for? Would the product [...]

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How do I choose which expert network to partner with?

When identifying an expert network to use, first identify what are your company’s own needs: What timeline are you facing? Are you looking for a broad selection of possible experts, or a concentrated number of hand-selected advisors? What is your budget? Is this a one-time need, or an ongoing business requirement? Next, consider the expert network options and compare: How easy is it to review their [...]

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What should I expect from consulting in an “expert interview?”

Congratulations, you’ve been recognized as an expert in your field, and asked for your time to share your knowledge with a client. What are some things to expect from an “expert interview”? You will likely be asked specific and high-level questions on your expertise and / or general questions on the industry. Remember that you should not share anything that is confidential or sensitive to your [...]

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How are the large expert networks different from each other?

The main differences between expert networks come down to three traits: Size & Flexibility Technology, or capabilities to find the best experts Level of Service, or “willingness to go the extra mile” So, how does one differentiate and choose between expert networks? Core questions come down to – what are some expert networks good at, and why? Are they good because they have access to a Rolodex [...]

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Who uses expert networks and why?

Organizations use expert networks to acquire high-level knowledge about specific topics, generally while conducting market research. Use cases range from: Consulting companies trying to learn more about a new business, market, or product. Private equity groups researching a potential investment, or market that may impact their investment (supplier, distributor, etc.) Investment firm looking to conduct due diligence on a business opportunity Consulting firm doing market sizing [...]

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What is the difference between an “expert network” and a “learning network?”

Expert networks are sometimes referred to as "learning networks." This change in terminology represents the core intent of traditional expert networks - to help organizations learn from those with specialized knowledge. While many people are uncomfortable referring to themselves as an expert, almost everyone realizes that there is a topic they can generally "teach" others about. Sharing this specialized knowledge with others is essentially taking time [...]

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Basic Best Practices for Advisors

Basic Best Practice for Advisors Be on time for calls. Treat it as you would a professional interview, without the pressure of preparation. Make sure there is no noise in background. No interruptions. Get in a place with good reception. Speak at reasonable pace, speak clearly, Pause every 30-45 seconds max, make sure still right direction. Don’t be offended if client steers conversations in a different direction, [...]

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