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DeepBench – an MIT Story

We were founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

We emerged from technology built by MIT engineers. Our initial seed funding came from the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund. Our first client was an MIT alum, as was our very first expert advisor.

We have blossomed through resources provided by the MIT Sloan Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, the MIT NYC Summer Start-up Studio, as well as the MIT Legatum Center.

The problem, and the solution

We saw that traditional expert networks were expensive and inflexible.

We saw that free tools such as Google and LinkedIn couldn’t get us the insights we needed.

We saw that knowledge was trapped in silos—leading to countless, costly poor decisions.

We knew that we could use our tech and our expertise to create something better.

DeepBench is democratizing access to expert knowledge.

DeepBench is building a tech platform—an automated, open knowledge community that allows for private, paid 1-on-1 consultations.

Our mission

Our mission is to unleash the power of expert knowledge. After all, everyone is an expert at something!

We aspire to enable people to recognize their expertise and participate in rewarding interactions with those who want to learn from them.

We are growing rapidly with thousands of experts on our platform from hundreds of different industries, dozens of countries, all with unique backgrounds.