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Mark Weber
Expert in blockchain and economic development

Reimagining finance, trade, and governance

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Mark Weber (@markrweber) is an expert in development economics, blockchain technology, and creative contrarianism. He is a Fellow at the Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship and part of the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative, MIT’s leading research group focused on the development of blockchain technology and its applications.

Mark leads the DCI’s research on blockchain asset registries for agricultural commodities to improve access to financial tools such as inventory-based loans, factoring of accounts receivables, and futures contracts. This work includes developing a prototype of a new protocol and system using public blockchains, smart contracts, and Internet-of-Things integration. Mark also manages DCI’s working groups which are cross-functional teams of students from across MIT hacking on a variety of pressing issues.

Among his ventures in international development, Mark co-produced the critically acclaimed documentary Poverty, Inc. (available on Neflix), which earned over 50 international film festival honors en route to shaking up the Western development establishment.

Mark has served as a guest speaker at over 100 organizations including Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, Stanford University, Copenhagen Business School, IBM Watson Research Headquarters, the MIT Tech Review.

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