November 2017

Jim Dougherty


Business Strategy, Venture Capital, & Startups Jim Dougherty is a Senior Lecturer in Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Dougherty has extensive experience working directly with investors to execute highly successful turnarounds of troubled companies. Great Hill Partners recruited Dougherty to be their first-ever Operating Partner. He has stabilized and recapitalized such companies as Gartner, IntraLinks, Prodigy, and Small Business ISP. At Lotus Development Corporation Dougherty was the founder of eApps (Internet Division), and he created the NOTES: NEWSSTAND business publishing service which was later sold successfully. [...]

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Phil Haslett


Private Equity & Alternative Investments Phil Haslett is the Founder and Head of Investments of EquityZen, a pre-IPO investment platform that's worked with over half of the 25 largest pre-IPO "Unicorn" companies. He shares his expertise as a major contributor to his company's pre-IPO investing blog. Previous to founding EquityZen, Haslett was an investment professional at Barclays Capital and Pomelo Capital. About DeepBench At DeepBench, we deliver knowledge through targeted engagements with select expert advisors, allowing you to gain insights quickly and effectively. Through DeepBench’s FreeAgent™ system, we have brought [...]

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Timothy Enneking


Cryptocurrency, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity Timothy Enneking is a cryptocurrency expert, and has some of the leading performing funds in which he has managed - Funds which Tim has managed hold the all-time annual performance records for funds (5,556.39%) and for funds of funds (356.68%). He is the founder and the primary Principal of Crypto Asset Management. Prior to founding the CAM, Mr. Enneking was the founder and investment manager for the Crypto Currency Fund (“CCF”), a private fund focused on cryptocurrencies substantially similar to the Fund that was based in the Cayman Islands. [...]

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