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Tech Sector Expert Insights - On Demand

The DeepBench advantage

Top quality

White-glove service coupled with proprietary technology and processes. Custom searches tailored to your needs, and advisors that no one else can find.

Supreme flexibility

No annual contracts, no mandatory minimums. A wide variety of services beyond 60-minute phone consultations. The ability for you to innovate.

Excellence in compliance

Up-to-date and robust compliance framework. In-line with most stringent industry standards. Customizable compliance controls.

Successful Tech Sector Projects – Sample

Any role, any geography – valuable insights to help you succeed

Connected Car Security

An investor needed to understand the latest technology trends related to connected cars & security

File Sharing / Remote Monitoring

A global IT consulting firm needed specific technical questions answered to help spec out a new product

Evolution of Digital Payments

A growth-stage VC firm wanted to understand the competitive landscape for a potential investment in the payments space

Future of Digital Health

The innovation arm of a $100bn+ market cap multinational enterprise wanted to understand portability trends around patient data

Additional great features

Keep track of what you learned

We offer the option to record transcripts of any call, allowing you to continue to refer to material as needed.


Have additional questions or want to get another Advisor’s input? We always offer the ability to schedule follow-up calls as you need them.

Written Q&A

Either supporting a call or in lieu of one, you can engage in question-and-answer discussion with Advisors, giving you greater clarity.

Working hard for our clients

“Each conversation was productive and informative. All of the folks you’ve connected us with have been excellent interviewees. Thanks so much for your work on this project.

— Research manager, consulting client

“The call went great on my end. The questions were well within my expertise and were very interesting. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.

— Senior organizational leader

“We waited for a competing expert network to provide an expert for 3 weeks with no results. With time running out, we turned to DeepBench… they provided a relevant expert within 3 days.

— Investment client

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